Larchwood Properties, LLC has twelve Rental Units

**All rental properties are currently occupied.**

We have four units at 1324 Brown Street in Larchwood. This property is a fourplex which has two units on the lower level and two additional units on the upper level.

1324 Brown Street

We also have a unit at 1314 Brown Street in Larchwood which is a single floor apartment with an attached garage. This unit is located on a corner lot and is attached to three additional units.

1314 Brown Street

The address for the three units attached to the one shown above is 912 Chestnut Avenue. These units also have an attached garage.

912 Chestnut Avenue

Below is a photo showing both rental properties.

Rental Property

This duplex rental property is located in the heart of the Southview addition with the address of 813 and 815 Southview Drive. Each unit has two bedrooms, one bath and a double garage.

813 & 815 Southview

Please contact Larchwood Properties, LLC at 712-477-2294 if you have questions regarding any of our rental property.

If you are a prospective tenant, you may complete our Rental Application online, print a copy, sign it and submit the application to us at the following address.

Larchwood Properties, LLC
1242 Beech Avenue
Larchwood, IA 51241

The online application is interactive, so you can save the application while you are filling it out. Please be aware that the tabs within the form will not work properly if you are using an older version of Adobe Reader. (The newest version is Adobe Reader 9.)