Community Information

Larchwood is located in the northwest corner of Lyon County Iowa, approximately 15 minutes east of Sioux Falls, which is getting closer all the time! Larchwood offers the safety and comfort of small town living, with easy access to South Dakota's largest city.

Larchwood belongs to the West Lyon Community School district, along with the communities of Inwood, Lester and Alvord. West Lyon includes Pre-school, Transitional Kindergarten, Elementary (K-6), Junior High and High School all at one location. In addition to providing outstanding classroom education to its students, West Lyon offers top-notch programs in wrestling, football, basketball, cross-country, track, golf, baseball, softball and volleyball.

Larchwood is home to four well-attended churches:

Church of St. Mary - 1413 Holder Street
English Lutheran Church - 603 Fell Street
Grandview Covenant Church - 1114 140th Street
United Church of Christ - 935 Edwards Street

There are several more churches of varying denominations within driving distance of Larchwood. (see churches located in Lyon County)

Childrens Activities
The Larchwood Betterment Club provides quality activities to the youth in our community, such as, the Easter Egg Hunt, T-Ball, Little League Baseball & Softball, Kids Club, Swimming Lessons, Soccer, the Halloween Dance and Santa Days. Larchwood has a city park with a walking path, shelter house and play equipment, as well as areas to play volleyball, soccer, tennis/basketball and baseball. We also have a baseball diamond, two softball diamonds, soccer fields and disc golf. There is a second childrens playground directly behind St.Mary's Catholic Church.

Medical Care
Larchwood has a non-profit emergency medical service called LEMS, which is a group of volunteers that have special training to be first responders, of which, some have additional training and are EMT's. Other health care services in Larchwood is the Avera Larchwood Medical Clinic and the Larchwood Chiropractic Clinic.

Other Establishments
In addition to above, Larchwood also has a golf course, public library, grocery store, lumber yard, elevator, service stations, beauty salons, dining establishments, a daycare center and several in-home daycares, agricultural businesses as well as many other construction, auto and professional services available.

City Information
For an overview of the activities, organizations and businesses of Larchwood, please visit the City of Larchwood website. For county information, go to the Lyon County Iowa website.

Larchwood vs Sioux Falls Tax Comparison

  Larchwood Sioux Falls
Median Income $42,250 $41,221
State Income Tax $1,268 (3%) None
Sales Tax (food) Exempt $374
Property Tax (based on each median household cost of each community) $1,119
(1.04% of $79,900)
(3% of $101,700)
After Tax Income $39,863 $37,796